Waterman Self Storage Unit Sizes

Welcome to the Waterman Self Storage unit sizes page. Currently we have 6 different storage unit sizes. Not sure exactly what you need for your storage? Please feel free to call our office to help you choose the perfect storage unit size to fit your needs.

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—Scott L.

5 x 5
(25 sq. ft.)
This unit is about twice the size of an average home closet. Not suitable for large items of furniture, but is ideal for boxes and smaller items that can be stacked.
5 x 10
(50 sq. ft.)
This size is often considered a "one bedroom" sized storage unit. Reasonably large pieces of furniture that can be disassembled can fit in to this unit.
10 x 10
(100 sq. ft.)
This size will hold the contents of an average 2-bedroom apartment. It is probably too small for a large house with three or more large appliances such as a washer or dryer.
10 x 15
(150 sq. ft.)
This size unit will hold the contents of the average 2-bedroom house, including appliances, large items, lots of boxes, garage items, etc.
10 x 20
(200 sq. ft.)
This unit is about the same size as a one-car garage and will hold an average size automobile. It is the ideal size for storing the contents of a fairly large house and the owner's personal belongings.
13 x 20
(260 sq. ft.)
This size will hold the contents of a large 4-bedroom home, yard/patio furnishings, lots of boxes, and garage items, etc. Also the ideal size for businesses needing to store seasonal inventories, extra fixtures, or equipment that is not being used.